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At Common Ground Spirits, one of our central goals is to give back – connecting and sharing resources within our local communities. Much like our families that support us through our journey, we want to advocate and provide methods and means to help sustain and uplift others, helping them grow and prosper as we do the same.

We are developing our outreach program to be inclusive and fully transparent. 100% of proceeds from donations and partner contributions will go directly to our supported organizations. Having developed and achieved our success surrounded by our community and loved ones, we want to provide this for others working toward their own success stories.

While we work toward helping organizations we believe in, we are happy to receive input and recommendations from the Common Ground Spirits family members. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates on our progress,  and use our Contact Us Form to send us any recommendations for worthy causes you would like us to support.

Here at Common Ground Spirits, we want to create and inspire, using our endeavor and successes as a springboard for action and achievement. Success is a journey that comes in many forms and is richer when shared. As we continue our journey, we want to share it with our families, communities, and ultimately our world.

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